Stag & Doe Cloak Clasps

Type: Clasp
Metal - Bronze

In ancient Scythian artwork, stags were depicted with long curling antlers. We incorporated these antlers in the Stag and Doe Cloak Clasps as a nod to all of the amazing artwork created by the Scythians.

Design Details
This clasp is available in three versions. The first, the Stag Clasp, features two royal stag heads and is 4.5” long (114 mm). The second, the Doe Clasp, features two gentle doe heads and is slightly smaller than the stag one at just 4” long (102 mm). Both of these are available in bronze and sterling silver.

If you like both the stag and doe designs, there is a third option that features one doe and one stag.

To start using this hook & loop clasp, all you have to do is sew one half to either side of your favorite cloak.