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How long does my order take to arrive?

We really do try to ship items out as quickly as possible, especially around critical holidays! Oftentimes, we will have your package on the way in under a week. However, due to the hand-crafted nature of our wares, construction can take up to 4-6 weeks. In particular, items that have a size selection, such as torcs and bracelets, may need to be constructed. Once we ship it, you'll most likely receive it in under a week.

What if I need my order faster than 4-6 weeks?

Contact us! If humanly possible, we'll get it to you as expediently as possible.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes! With very few exceptions, we ship worldwide. We always ship First Class through USPS Parcel Post, insured. For international orders, please be aware that your country may impose a customs fee. We have no control over this and the cost is unique to each country.

Can you ship my package uninsured to reduce the cost?

No. We are sorry but we will not ship uninsured packages. Uninsured packages have a tendency of getting ‘lost.’ If your package is lost during transit, we cannot put in a claim for reimbursement without insurance.

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped through the USPS. Items within the US are shipped using Priority mail and insured. All international orders are shipped using first class parcel post and insured.

How can I track my order?

When you place your order, you'll get a shipping confirmation email. When we ship your order you'll get a second email with a tracking number.


How do I clean my jewelry?

The best method for keeping your bracelet shiny and oxidation free, is to scrub it with dish soap, hot water and a green scrubby (yes, like the one that you use for dishes). You can use this method for every piece of jewelry that we make except anything with an amber stone ( which is a soft stone damaged by abrasive materials). The bronze can also be cleaned with steel wool, a jewelry polishing cloth, or even tooth paste and a rag (and hot water). WARNING!!! Be careful of liquid cleaners that will get down into the twist & look gunky/green. Also, never use a commercial jewelry cleaning dip! It will remove the antiquing in the recesses of your jewelry. Your jewelry will look ugly...trust us on this one.

Will the bronze turn my skin green?

Depending upon your metabolism, there is a chance that the bronze jewelry will turn your skin green. It does not happen to everyone and when it does, it is not harmful. Bronze is an alloy of copper - a mix of copper, tin and other metals. If your body is hungry for copper, one of the trace elements people need to stay healthy, it will absorb it through the skin by sending out enzymes that will convert the copper into cupric ozide (also called cleated copper), which is green. This can happen with any metal that contains copper, including the gold used in jewelry, which is usually mixed with copper to achieve the various carats. The green comes right off if you wash with soap. However, you can do 2 things to help keep your skin from turning green. The first is to keep the bronze clean, since it is the oxidation, not the metal itself, causing the green. Clean it before you put it on, and again after you take it off, and keep it in a bag or pouch when it’s not being worn.

The second method is to coat the inside of the torc or bracelet with clear nail polish. You will have to do this periodically, as it will wear off after a while, but that should prevent the green stain completely.

What if I used a commercial dip?

It is likely that you're unhappy with the result. Send your jewelry back to us and we can re-oxidize and polish it for you and make it look beautiful again!

How do I request a repair?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry. We will do the repair for free, minus return shipping. Please send it back to us with $10 for return shipping. We will fix it, shine it and mail it back to you as good as new.

Can I get my jewelry wet?

Yes! It will not hurt it at all and in fact, the best way to clean your jewelry is with hot soapy water. If you wear it while bathing or swimming ( fresh or salt water), just rinse your jewelry off with hot water and dry it with a towel or a blow dryer.


Can I upgrade my bronze item for silver?

Yes! You can trade back a bronze item to upgrade to the same item in sterling silver. We'll simply deduct the cost of the bronze item (assuming it is in reasonably good condition) from the cost of the sterling silver version.

How are returns & refunds handled?

It's really easy! View our Return Policy for more details.

Do these products really all come with a lifetime warranty?

Your heirloom quality jewelry purchase will retain its quality for generations. We stand by it and will refund for any defects at any time.

What's your guarantee I'll be happy?

We guarantee you'll be 100% happy with your purchase. If for any reason you're not, we'll refund or exchange the item for you, whichever you prefer.

Can my item be resized?

We want you to feel comfortable wearing our jewelry! We'll resize for free, minus return shipping. Please follow the instructions on the Refund Policy to get started. We'll resize it, shine it and mail it back to you as good as new!


Is your jewelry solid sterling silver or plated?

Solid! All of our jewelry is either solid bronze or solid sterling silver (92.5%). We don't plate anything and we don't work in pewter or nickel silver.

Is your jewelry hollow or solid?

It is solid and built to last multiple generations!

Can I adjust the bracelet to fit my wrist?

Yes, the bracelets are somewhat flexible. Gently squeeze the heads towards each other once it is on your wrist to tighten. Over time and as you wear the bracelet, the gap between the heads will widen. You can gently squeeze the heads towards each other to return your bracelet to its original shape.

Are the bracelets & torcs flexible?

Yes! The torcs and bracelets are very flexible due to the special metal braid that we use. They're somewhat springy which allows you to take them on and off. However, they're not so flexible that they'll unwantedly come off.

Can two different heads be put on a torc or bracelet?

It really depends on the heads. If they're similar in size, we may be able to do this for you. Contact us with your idea and we'll let you know.

Will the bronze jewelry help with my arthritis?

We can’t swear to it, but many of our customers do! The wearing of copper bracelets has been known to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and in fact it was a common treatment before the discovery of cortisone shots! Have you noticed that sometimes while wearing copper or bronze jewelry that your skin turns green? The green color is a result of your body turning the copper found in the bronze into a form that can be utilized by your body (called cleated copper). We need trace amounts of copper (and other elements) to remain healthy and these elements can be absorbed through the skin. It's believed that it's this copper mineral that helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Are the pinbacks on your pins and fibulae sturdy?

Yes! Most of the smaller pins have modern steel safety pin backs which are sturdy enough for light weight to medium weight fabrics. The fibulae are even more durable – they have hammer hardened bronze pins. The larger fibulae will pin the thickest of fabric!

Will the pins leave a hole in my fabric?

The smaller pins have a modern safety pin style pin, so they're safe to use with just about any fabric. The larger fibulae have hammer hardened pins which do not have really sharp points. If you twist the pin as you push it through the fabric, it will separate the threads without leaving a hole. We don't recommend the larger fibulae for use on silk or tee shirt material, but other than that, you should have no problem.


Do you offer gift wrapping?

We don't yet. Most items arrive in a small gift box or a velveteen bag, but no fancy bows, ribbons, or wrapping paper. What do you think, should we offer a gift wrapping option? Contact us and let us know if you want us to offer this in the future.

How did you get your jewelry on Vikings??

The simple answer is...we answered the phone! No really, about a year before the first season of Vikings started, we got a call from a production company who wanted to buy a few pieces of Viking jewelry for what we understood was going to be a ‘documentary’ on the Vikings for the History Channel. We sent off a small package to Ireland and didn’t really give it much more thought. We were as surprised as anyone when one of our customers told us that he had seen one of our bracelets on the new hit TV series, Vikings. We actually argued that no, it could not be our bracelet. But it was and the rest is, as they say, Vikings History.