Raven Pendant

Type: Pendant
Metal - Bronze

Curious. Intuitive. Intelligent.  The raven, though often associated with darkness, death and the battlefield, has many positive attributes.  Take flight with the Raven Pendant Necklace as your companion when you go into your next battle... or maybe just the next board meeting.

Design Details
This pendant is 2” tall by 5/8” wide (50 x 38 mm) and comes in both bronze and silver with an 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain.

Symbolism of the Raven
Ravens figure heavily in Celtic mythology and legend. They were linked to darkness and death, especially the death of warriors in combat – an obvious reflection of its tendency to eat carrion, plenty of which is to be found in the aftermath of battle. The Morrigan, the Celtic war goddesses who was known for her ability to predict the outcomes of battles, often took the form of a raven. The raven possesses a high intellect and is capable of solving complex puzzles.  Its intelligence and insatiable curiosity lends credence to the belief that the raven is a messenger of the gods, one that can travel between worlds to bring otherworldly advice and knowledge.