Ram Pendant

Type: Pendant
Metal - Bronze

Faithfulness, Determination, Leadership.  Sacred to the Celts, the ram was known as the strong and true leader of the flock. Let the Talismanic Ram Pendant lend you the strength needed for any occasion.

Design Details
Available in bronze and sterling silver, this pendant is just under 1 ½” tall by 1 ¾” wide (35x44mm) and comes with an 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain.

Symbolism of the Ram
The ram, as the undisputed leader, is oftentimes called on to make the decisions for the entire flock.  And as any good shepherd knows, if you can get the ram to go in a certain direction, the flock will follow.   The Ram has played an important role in the religion and mythology of many different cultures. It first appears as symbol in Ancient Egypt in the form of the god Amon, who was depicted with a ram’s head. In Celtic symbolism, it represents fertility and rebirth. In Greek Mythology, the Golden Fleece ram, a ram with wings, helps Phrixus escape being sacrificed by his father and stepmother. This same ram is the object of Jason’s quest during the Argonautic expedition.