Norse Gaels Brooch

Type: Brooch
Metal - Bronze + Silver

“The bold succeed where so ever they go.”
- The Saga of Magnus Barefoot

Design Details
This impressive brooch has a diameter of 3.5” (90 mm), with a 5” long pin (125mm). Crafted from bronze and sterling silver, it is more than strong enough to hold any garment. You can choose dragon or wolf heads.

Also available in all silver.

Historical Inspiration
When Vikings settled in Scotland and Ireland, they intermarried with the native Gaelic people, and began to adopt their culture. This hybrid Viking and Gaelic culture is known as the Norse-Gaels. It dominated the Scottish and Irish seas, and the lands and islands there within, from the 9th to the 12th centuries. It is from this culture that the Gallowglass warriors later arose in the Middle Ages.

These brooches were inspired by the large silver thistle brooches made by the Norse-Gaels craftsmen. It was unique to them, and found nowhere else. The surviving examples had thistles as their terminals, a symbol that would later become paramount to Scottish identity. We chose to make thes with dragon and wolf heads, but there will eventually be a thistle version as well.