Mystic Prayer Stick Hair Pin

Type: Pin
Metal - Bronze

Prayer Sticks were staffs carried by the Mystics. They were made from three different kinds of wood, and were typically adorned with stone amulets. The weathering and grooves on the Prayer Sticks were a form of Ogham script containing the key to the Tree of Life. Some of the sticks included the broken abiranariba of the Skeksis, but with the points constrained. The urRu only rarely left their staffs unattended, except while sleeping or praying, during which they would thrust them into the ground.The Gelfling believed that the staffs were in fact alive, and would dance by starlight, though Aughra considered this foolishness.

- J.J. Llewellyn, The World Of Dark Crystal

Design Details
The Mystic Prayer Stick Hair Pin is 6″ long, and is available in both bronze and sterling silver.