Mystic Discord Amulet

Type: Amulet
Metal - Bronze

The urRu sought harmony in all things through the balance of opposites. Yet harmony too has an opposite, discord, which must be acknowledged in order to achieve balance. As good cannot exist without evil, and life cannot exist without death, harmony cannot exist without discord.

Design Details
Mystic Amulets are available in bronze and sterling silver. The plain version is the amulet by itself, while the adorned version features a spiral charm and 2 glass beads suspended with jump rings.

The plain Discord Amulet is 1 ⅜” wide by 1 ½” tall (35 x 38 mm). The Adorned Discord Amulet is 1 ⅜” wide x 2 ⅜" tall (35 x 60mm). Both versions come with an 18″ gold or silver-tone steel chain.