Mother Goddess Pendant

Type: Pendant
Metal - Bronze

The Mother Goddess embodies motherhood, fertility and creation. Show off your appreciation for the Goddess with the Mother Goddess Pendant.  

Design Details
Available in bronze and sterling silver, this pendant is 1 ½” tall by .5" wide (35 x 15 mm) and comes with an 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain.

Historical Inspiration
The mother goddess or "venus" has been depicted in art dating back to the Paleolithic stone age (40,000 years ago).  This figurative art form, depicting something readily recognizable, revered the female form as it embodied fertility, motherhood and creation. In a time when the very existence of the human race depended on the ability of a people to reproduce and raise viable offspring, the form of the fecund mother was worshipped. For this reason, the mother goddess is one of humankind's oldest deities. Thes is a simple pendant, which captures the basic essence of the female form.