Lunula Pendant

Type: Pendant
Metal - Bronze

From Ancient Egypt to Asia, lunula amulets are a powerful symbol of the cyclic nature of life, fertility and worship of the moon. Honor the magic of the moon with the Lunula Pendant.

Design Details
Available in bronze or sterling silver, this pendant is  1 ½” tall by 1” wide (35 x 27 mm).

Historical Inspiration
Lunula amulets date back to the end of the Bronze Age, and continued to be worn into modern times. The cyclic nature of the moon was closely associated with agricultural processes, animal husbandry, human fertility and the keeping of time. The lunula symbol reflected the worship of the moon and was commonly used in Egypt as well as among many farming peoples of Europe and Asia.   Earrings, pendants, metal details of headdresses, and other ornaments had the form of lunulae. Lunulae were especially widespread among the Rus, an early medieval people descended from Viking settlers that lived in modern day Russia.