Lion Fibula

Type: Pin
Metal - Bronze

Lions hunt in groups known as prides. For this reason the lion in Celtic art and mythology represented a gathering of warriors.

Design Details
The Lion Fibula measures just 2.5” tall and is available in bronze and sterling silver.

Historical Inspiration
This stylized lion brooch was inspired by a dragon fibula, part of a pair of chain-linked Celtic fibulas found in Hungary, dating from 400-300 B.C.

Lions were depicted in some of man’s earliest art. They were depicted in cave paintings, carved in ivory, and sculpted in clay by many cultures found in Africa, Asia and Europe. The lion appears in mythology throughout the world. The Egyptians used the lion to represent the sun god Mithras. In Greek mythology, Heracles’s first task was to rid the Nemean plain of the Nemean Lion. Lions were incorporate3d into great and terrible creatures, such as the manticore, the chimera, and the sphinx. Later in the Middle Ages the lion came to represent royalty. King Arthur is sometimes as a lion wearing a crown.