Ivar's Spiral Hammer Pendant

Type: Pendant
Metal - Bronze

In the History Channel’s series Vikings, this is the hammer that Ivar the Boneless wears. Now you can own an exact replica of Ivar’s Spiral Hammer for yourself!

Design Details
Just .75” wide and 1.25” tall (19 x 35 mm), this hammer pendant is available in both bronze and silver and comes with an 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain.  This particular hammer was the creative inspiration of our son, Kendall Hansen, who is proud to be a second generation Celtic jeweler and third generation Hansen artist.

Historical Inspiration
Thor's hammer is arguably one of the most recognizable icons when one considers Viking heritage.  Thor, a prominent deity revered by many ancient Germanic branches, gained wide-spread popularity among the Scandinavians of the late Viking Age.  In mythology, Thor was a god and protector of Asgard. His weapon, Mjollnir, was a large hammer with which he vanquished all who would challenge him. In addition to his duties as protector and guardian in the realm of the gods and humankind, Thor was also associated with success in agriculture and fertility. The Thor's hammer was used as a good luck charm during ceremonies to bless the land before the planting season and during marriage ceremonies in hopes of bringing child-bearing success to the newlywed.