Hound Torc - Medium Braid

Type: Torc
Metal - Bronze

If you’re a dog lover, this is the torc for you!

Design Details
Our Hound Torc is constructed with a medium braid of wire, and is approximately 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick. It is available in bronze or sterling silver.

Historical Inspiration
Celtic hounds were prized in the ancient world, and were often given as noble gifts to Kings or Chieftains as a symbol of their rank. In England and Gaul, the favored breed was the Greyhounds, while in the highlands it was the larger Deerhound. Across the Irish Sea they bred the formidable Wolfhound. They were all valued for their speed, skill, and grace in the hunt, as well as their courage and loyalty.

This loyalty was illustrated in the legend of Llewellyn's Wolfhound, Gellert. Prince Llewellyn set out to hunt one day, but left his favorite hound, Gellert, behind. Upon his return Llewellen discovered his son's crib overturned and the dog bloody. Horrified that the beloved animal had killed his son, Llewellyn killed the hound. But Llewellen had made a tragic mistake, because his son was safe under the overturned crib, and the blood on Gellert had come from an intruding wolf, lying dead nearby, that Gellert had killed while defending the boy. Llewellyn buried the hound and raised over it a great cairn of stones. To this day the place is called Beth Gellert, or the Grave of Gellert.

We used the legend of Gellert as inspiration for designing this torc. We hope it pays homage to the brave dog that risked its life to save its master's child.