Hound Pin

Type: Pin
Metal - Bronze

Loyalty, Cooperation, Protection. Woof! (In dog speak, that means you should buy this Talismanic Greyhound Pin!)

Design Details
This pin is 1.75” by 1.25” (44 x 31 mm) and comes in both bronze and silver. It features a modern pinback suitable for pinning to most any clothing.

Symbolism of the Hound
For almost as long as there have been bands of humans living together, dogs have been their faithful companions.  From their wild ancestors, dogs brought the positive attributes of  cooperation and loyalty to the pack into their bond with humankind.  Dogs will always protect their own. The great Irish hero Cuchulainn was called the Hound of Ulster. As the Legend goes, Cuchulainn arriving late to his host’s home, was set upon by the host’s dog.  Cuchulainn killed the animal and the blacksmith, owner of the dog, pleaded his case before the judges.  He argued that without the warning barks of his trusty companion, his hearth and home would be in danger from roving bandits.  The judges agreed and it was decided that Cuchalainn would serve as the blacksmith’s guard until such a time that a new puppy could be bought and raised up to once again protect the home of his master.