Forged Silver Spiral Neck Ring

Type: Torc

The Spiral Neck Ring is hand forged from a bar of wire solid silver, and is approximately 3/16” (4mm) thick, then capped with cast oak leaf terminals. It is only available in sterling silver.

Historical Inspiration
One of the oldest and most important symbols used by the ancient Celtic peoples, the spiral is actually much older. It is one of man’s earliest symbols, shared by many primitive cultures worldwide. From Ireland to China, and most everywhere in between, the spiral was used by almost every early culture. It is nearly impossible to know for sure what meaning these early people attached to the spirals that they painted or carved in stone or worked into metal. It may have been used as a representation of the sun; life- giver and eternal. Or perhaps it symbolized the passage of time as lives wind back around the center, yet never return to exactly the same place. No matter the meaning though, the simple elegant beauty of the spiral is timeless.