False Alarm Pendant & Earrings

Type: Pendant
False Alarm 1: Don't go on.

False Alarm 2: Go back while you still can.

False Alarm 3: This is not the way.

False Alarm 4: Take heed, and go no further.

False Alarm 5: Beware, beware.

False Alarm 6: Soon it will be too late.

Hoggle: Don't pay any attention to them. They're just False Alarms.

Under the labyrinth lie numerous underground passages. The passages are dimly lit and filled with huge, ominous looking stone faces known as False Alarms. These false Alarms attempt to dissuade anyone progressing through the passages by uttering dark and ominous warnings. 

The sides of the passages not filled by False Alarms are composed of large slabs of grey stone. Hoggle leads Sarah from the Oubliette into a series of underground passages that are filled with huge, forbidding looking False Alarms. Jareth waits for Sarah and Hoggle at the end of one of the passages in disguise as a blind beggar, quickly revealing his true identity and confronting Hoggle over his apparent betrayal. Sarah and Hoggle are chased through the passages by The Cleaners, a large, mechanical device operated by goblins and escape by pushing down a weak wall. They then climb a narrow ladder, emerging in a topiary filled courtyard.

Design Details

The false Alarm pendant and earrings are available in both bronze and silver. The pendant is 1.5” tall by .75 ” wide  (38 x 22 mm) and comes with a matching 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain.

The Helping Hands earrings are 1" tall (25 mm) and are hung on surgical steel earring hooks.

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