Double Headed Wolf Pendant

Type: Pendant

What’s fiercer than one wolf head? Two! In days of old, the wolf was both feared and respected as a creature possessing intense ferocity, complex communication skills and a highly stable and structured family life. Start your own wolf pack with the Double Headed Wolf Pendant.

Design Details
This Double-Headed Wolf Pendant is available in bronze, set with an carnelian stone, and sterling silver, set with an amber stone. This sturdy pendant is 2" x 1" (52 x 25 mm). Included in the cost is a matching 18″ gold or silver-tone steel chain.

Symbolism of the Wolf
Despite its ferocious and terrifying reputation as a murderous creature, the wolf is actually a very intelligent and social animal, honorable and loyal to its pack. They are skilled  cooperative hunters, cunning problem-solvers, and fearless warriors in battle.