Double Headed Boar Pendant

Type: Pendant

Quick to anger, relentless in pursuit and fearless in a conflict, the wild boar was a Celtic symbol of war. The Double Headed Boar Pendant gives you twice the chance to channel the ctheageous spirit of the boar, just as the ancient warriors! 

Design Details
This sturdy pendant is 2" x 1" (52 x 25 mm). Available in bronze, set with an carnelian stone, and includes a matching 18″ gold or silver-tone steel chain.

Symbolism of the Boar
Wild boars are fearsome and dangerous animals. Admired by Celtic and Saxon warriors for their strength, ferocity and ctheage, the image of the boar frequently adorned the shields and armor, helmets and other war gear.

The boar was also prized for its meat, and was the favorite game animal of the Celts. Boar meat was a symbol of hospitality. Any function of importance would include a feast with boar meat. Serving boar meat not only demonstrated the honored position of a guest; it proved the skill and hunting prowess of the host.