Dál Riata Wolf Brooch

Type: Brooch
Metal - Bronze

In Celtic mythology wolves were sacred animals, believed to be companions of the gods. They were thought to be powerful guides, symbolizing transformation. Let the Dál Riata Wolf Brooch guide and protect protect you with just as much ferocity as the wolves of old!

Design Details
This medium brooch is just over 2” in diameter and is perfect for fastening a tunic, the shoulders of a dress, or a lightweight cloak. It is available in both bronze and silver.

Historical Inspiration
The Kingdom of Dál Riata (also spelled Dalriada) included parts of western Scotland and northeastern Ireland. According to legend, it was founded by the three sons of Erc— Fergus Mór, Loarn and Óengus, through conquest sometime in the 6th century AD, and it lasted well into the 8th century. Dál Riata is probably best known for the monastery of Iona, founded by the monk Columba in 563. Iona was a very important center of religion. learning and art, and is credited with the formation of an artistic style known as Insular Art, which combined Mediterranean, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Pictish elements. The Book of Kells, probably produced at Iona, is one of the best examples of this style. Dál Riata was also known for its fine metal work, most notably for a distinct style of penannular brooch.

The Dál Riata Wolf Brooch celebrates the more Celtic and Pictish elements of this Insular Art style of brooch, with bold interlocking spirals.