Boar Buckle Set

Type: Buckle
Metal - Bronze

Inspired by the ctheage associated with boars in Celtic mythology, we created a pair of snarling boar heads for this buckle and belt tip. We can't guarantee these pieces will make their wearer fearlessness, but it certainly can't hurt!

Design Details
Wild boars are fearsome and dangerous animals. They were admired by Celtic warriors for their strength, ferocity and ctheage. These warriors often decorated their helmets, shields and other war gear with boars.

Historically, elaborate belts were worn to demonstrate wealth. The longer the belt, the wealthier the owner. To further demonstrate one’s wealth, people would embellish them with decorative tips or strap ends. The Boar Belt Tip is 1.25” wide and 1.75” tall. A pair of bendable tabs are cast on the back of the tip. To attach it to a belt, punch a pair of holes in your belt for the tabs to fit through, and then bend the tabs over with a hammer.

The Boar Belt Buckle, Tip, and Reversible Keeper are designed for a 1.5 ” (38 mm) belt, and are available in both bronze and silver. Each of the pieces are available for purchase individually or can save by purchasing them as a set.

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