Bear Torc - Heavy Braid

Type: Torc
Metal - Bronze

During the Winter Solstice, Celts often called upon the Great Bear for safety throughout the dark winter months. Luckily for you, the Celtic Bear Torc can protect you all year long.

Design Details
The Bear Torc is constructed with a heavy braid of wire, and is approximately 3/8 inch (10 mm) thick. It is available in bronze or sterling silver.

Which Torc Is Right For You?
We also offer a Norse Bear Torc in the extra-heavy braid.

Historical Inspiration
The Celtic goddess Artio was a bear goddess who presided over the changing of the season. She was said to conjure winter when she needed rest (hibernation). Upon awaking, she would summon the summer. Hunters would invoked her spirit to guide them to safety and success.  Because these fierce animals live solitary lives, the bear has come to symbolize ctheage, strength and the ability to take control of one's life.