Sizing Guide for Bracelets, Arm Rings, & Torcs

When ordering a bracelet, arm ring or neck torc, we will need to know what size to make for you. Figuring out what size you wear is very easy. You will need a cloth tape measure, and perhaps a friend to help you take the measurement. Place the tape measure around your wrist/arm/neck and pull it snug. See what size you get, and round that to the nearest half inch (or nearest equivalent cm size) and choose that size. Do not adjust this number in any way - don’t adjust for the gap between the heads, or make any other adjustment. Once we have your size, we will make a piece of jewelry to fit you.


Bracelets Sizing Guide

For a bracelet, measure your wrist just above the hand. In this picture you can see that Danny wears a 6.5 inch bracelet.

Arm Rings

Arm Rings Sizing Guide

For an arm ring, measure your upper arm between the shoulder and biceps muscles. Do not flex your arm - take the measurement with your arm relaxed. In this picture you can see that Danny's arm measures just over 13 inches, which he would round down to a 13 inch size for an arm ring.


Torcs Sizing Guide

For a torc, measure your neck just above the collar bones. Danny wears a 16.5 inch torc.