Jeweled Raven Fibula

Type: Pin
Metal - Bronze
Pair w/ Chain

In Celtic mythology, birds are known for their transformative abilities. Birds can be anything you want, even a fibula.

Design Details
The 3” tall (76 mm) Jeweled Raven Fibula comes in both bronze and silver. The bronze fibulas are set with carnelian and the silver with garnet.

They can be purchased singly, or as a pair connected by an elegant hand-made chain as well. The chain is made up of nine round links that each feature a dangling goddess pendant.

Historical Inspiration
Swans, Herons, Crows, Owls, Falcons and Geese all figure prominently in ancient Celtic tales. Since flying birds move through a world humans can only imagine, birds are powerful symbols of otherworldliness. In various Celtic stories, humans transform into birds to attack, flee, hide, as the result of being cursed, or to show their supernatural powers. Birds are sometimes messengers, sometimes messages themselves, and sometimes they sing trance-inducing enchanted songs to ease troubled minds.

Sinuous S-curves shape the bodies of these bird pins. Their eyes are set stones gleaming at us from beyond time. Curled wing spirals imply these birds¹ mysterious nature. Nine round links marked with watery lines hold the pins together, and from each link swings a strong pendant. Looked at closely, the hanging pendants could be nine curvy goddesses attended by their guardian birds, or the nine priestesses who kept the eternal flame for Brigit at Kildare. Or they could just as easily be feathers marking the birds' charmed flight path. Maybe all of these and more. Perch them on your shoulders and decide for yourself!

Sturdy enough for a light cloak, elegant enough to pin a flowing linen dress together at the shoulders, these His-and-Hers Raven Fibula chained pin sets are bold and luxurious. Ladies will be pleasantly surprised when peplos-style dresses suddenly hang better inthe front than they ever have before.

3 inches tall (76mm). Available in bronze or sterling silver.