Wax Carving Workshop


Set your calendar for March 29-31

This will be a weekend long class. Each student will learn the skills and techniques to carve their own design in wax. We will also go over the lost wax casting process and touch on the history of this ancient art form. Each student’s design will be cast in bronze at a later date, and will be finished and mailed to them.

Friday night we will have an open house & sale and meet & greet. Everyone is welcome to come out. Students should have sketches & pictures with them of what they want to carve, which we can go over Friday night. Saturday and Sunday will be spent learning and carving. There will also be a casting demonstration, probably Saturday. Tools will be provided.

Please note - this is not a class on the actual casting process itself. We use an automated casting machine that mostly involves pushing buttons, so the process we use is not something the average person would be able to use.