Lagertha's jeweled brooch
Jeweled Saxon Brooch

Celtic Brooches

The penannular, cloak pin, or open ring brooch, was a Roman and Celtic type of clothing fastener.

Although much older in origin, penannular brooches begin to appear in significant numbers in Britain around 200 AD and quickly gained widespread popularity.

By 800 AD the simple utilitarian Roman style had given way to a uniquely Celtic one, decorated with geometric and zoomorphic (animal form) designs, done in enamel, stones, granulation, and filigree wire work, and anything else the artist could think of.

The penannular was the origin of some of the later styles of medieval brooches and cloak pins, including the closed ring brooch and the heart shaped love brooch.

How to use a penannular brooch
How to use a penannular brooch flip the brooch ring turn the penannular ring
Pierce the material
with the pin
2. Flip the ring3. Turn the ring