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Tree Goddess Dryad Pendant
Silver Tree Goddess Pendant with rope chain

Tree Goddess Pendant

Dryads were tree nymphs, or spirits, in Greek mythology. Typically they lived oak trees, but not always. The infant Zeus was attended by nymphs of ash trees when he was hidden in a cave by his mother so that his father would not swallow him, as he had done with all of Zeus' siblings.

Dryads, like all nymphs, were supernaturally long-lived, but if the tree died, the dryad associated with it died as well. For that reason, dryads and the Greek gods punished any mortals who harmed trees without first propitiating the tree-nymphs.

Available in bronze or sterling silver. Pendant includes a gold or silver tone steel chain (unless ordered with the silver rope chain, as shown at right)

3" tall (75mm) and 1.75" wide (43mm)

Tree Goddess PendantZoom
Bronze Tree Goddess Pendant
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